Energy Systems

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Energy Systems
In recent years, research on energy has gained growing significance as a key principle of sustainable development. A sustainability approach should be responsive to climate change, local pollutants, society benefits, and reliable access to energy. A sustainable energy system is one of the most multifaceted challenges that all societies is facing. Such an energy system must supply the needs of the world's population, must be affordable, safe, and environmentally friendly. To this end, using the energy must be efficient, the share of renewable energy must be increased and also whole energy system must be optimized in a systematic methodology. Developing the solutions to support this transformation requires a large number of scientific disciplines.
Energy system research at the Physics and Energy Engineering Department, Amirkabir University of Technology is interdisciplinary in nature. It is rooted in the understanding of new technologies and additional knowledge relying on cross-cutting research of economics, social sciences, and engineering. At the Energy Engineering and Physics Department, the energy research deals with the multi-scale energy system from the small (single-family houses) to the large scale (e.g., a city or a country). The research includes the development of the new system in supply, conversion, and storage energy levels, modeling of the multi-carrier energy system, and optimization of the system from both of supply and demand sides.
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Related Faculty
Hossein Afarideh
Academic Degree: Professor
Research Interests: Accelerator, Radiation Detection, Radioisotope Production,
Analytical Techniques, Laser Plasma
Phone Number: +982164545230
Atefeh Behzadi Forough
Academic Degree: Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Urban Energy System, Renewable Energy, Modeling,        
Optimization, Planning & Operation
Phone Number: +982164545262
Maryam Fani

Academic Degree: Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Energy Systems                                                                   
Phone Number: +982164545253
Saeed Talebi

Academic Degree: 
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Energy Conversion, Two-Phase Flow, Boiling and              
                    Condensation, Thermal Hydraulic of Nuclear Reactors
Phone Number: +982164545273


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