Optics and Photonics Laboratory

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 Optics Laboratory

Supervisor: Dr. parviz parvin
Phone Number: +982164545233
Location: Fourth floor of the Faculty of Physics
Optics lab is an educational laboratory for BSc and MSc students including different equipments: Young Double-slit Experiment, Fresnel Bimirror, Fresnel Biprism, Newton’s Rings, Diffraction, Diffraction Grating, Polarization and Malus law, Polarimetry, Michelson Interferometer, Fabry Perot Interferometer.
Here two different lab courses are held for BSc students:
  • Optics
  • Physics Lab 3
Research Areas
• It is an educational laboratory
Special Facilities
Michelson Interferometer
Coherence Length Measurement
Fabry-Prot Interferometry
Young Double-slit experiment
Single Slit Diffraction
Grating Experiment


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