Accelerators Research Laboratory and its Applications

 | Post date: 2021/08/10 | 

Supervisor: Prof. Hosein Afarideh
Phone Number: +982164545230 
Location: Basement 2, Department of Physics and Energy Engineering
Accelerators Research Laboratory and its Applications
The Accelerators and Applications Research Laboratory was inaugurated in 2017 in line with the national master plan "Design and construction of a small medical cyclotron". In this laboratory, which has a space of approximately 200 square meters, activities related to testing and commissioning of different parts of the cyclotron are performed. In addition, research on the components of accelerators such as magnets, radiofrequency power systems, power supplies, etc., as well as applications of accelerators, is carried out in this laboratory.
 Also, research in the field of design and modeling of various types of particle accelerators, such as design, analysis, and construction of a part of the loaded accelerator system with dielectric in the microwave band is also done in this laboratory. In this regard, the design of accelerator components from detailed design and engineering to detailed construction plans with tolerance and then testing and commissioning is also done in this complex.
Among the tests performed in this laboratory is research on magnet tests and radiofrequency power systems in the range of MHz. For this purpose, an automatic cyclotron magnet testing and measuring device is available. The magnetic field of a magnet is measured in a two-dimensional space.
In addition, cyclotron vacuum chamber, LLRF system with three different technologies (DSP, ARM, Raspberry-Pi), RF pre-amplifier stages in solid-state, PLC control system, etc. are made and available.
Another feature of this laboratory is the existence of research and investigation using various accelerator design software. This software covers all parts of design and simulation. Briefly, these include; - Magnet design software: including Tosca and CST, - Cavity design software: including HFSS, CST, ADS, - Mechanical design software for various components: including solid work, - Heat and fluid transfer analysis software: including Ansys, - Dynamic beam design software: including CYCLON, SNOP, - RF amplifier circuit design software: including ADS, Momentum, Spice, - Control system design software: including Lab view, HMI, Python, - And other auxiliary software such as MATLAB and ...

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