Advance Nuclear Laboratory

 | Post date: 2021/08/10 | 
Advanced Nuclear Laboratory 

Supervisor: Prof. Hosein Afarideh
Phone Number: +982164545230 
Location: Basement 2, Department of Physics and Energy Engineering
The Advanced Nuclear Laboratory was originally designed and commissioned to perform heavy-duty calculations of nuclear systems. In this regard, the laboratory has a 200-core computer. Therefore, it is possible to perform calculations with various nuclear codes such as MCNP, Geant4, etc., and calculations of nuclear models in this laboratory. Using this computer as 4 separate computers or in parallel and using all cores is possible and therefore all modeling can be done with software that allows parallel computing.
Another feature of the lab is the AFM system, an atomic microscope that enables theoretical and scientific research with SSNTD nuclear footprint detectors and surface physics research and measurement of particle traces in materials. So far, various designs and projects have been done based on counting particle traces with this device.
In addition, research with passive detectors (TLD dosimeters) is theoretically and scientifically performed in this laboratory in all related fields.

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