Department of Physics and Energy Engineering- Staff

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Ameneh Amirloo
Coordinator of Research Programs
Phone Number: +982164545213
Hadi Gharghabi
Phone Number: +982164545200
Farhad Haji Mohammad Ali
Coordinator of Computer Center
Phone Number: +982164545223

Behjatolmolouk Heidari
Educational Expert
Phone Number: +982164545214
Seyed Mohsen Hoseini Sarfiroozabadi
Educational Expert
Phone Number: +982164545217
Ahmad Houshvar
Publications Employee
Phone Number: +982164545209

Mojtaba Kazemi Ghanbarabadi
Phone Number: +982164545260
Ali Khosravi
Office Expert
Phone Number: +982164545222
Mahdi Mousaei
Coordinator of Undergraduate Programs
Phone Number: +982164545212

Fatemeh Rajabi
Coordinator of Graduate Programs
Phone Number: +982164545210
Rasoul Saeedi
Finance and Administration Manager
Phone Number: +982164545220
Mehrdad Salehian
Educational Expert
Phone Number: +982164545215

Zahra Zeinali
Webmaster & Network Administrator
Phone Number: +982164545225
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