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Health Physics and Radiation Dosimetry Laboratory

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Health Physics and Radiation Dosimetry Laboratory 

Supervisor: Dr. Mahdi Sohrabi
Phone Number: +982164545218
Location: 4th Floor, Department of Physics and Energy Engineering
Education and training; Research, development and services on the state-of-the-art theories and methodologies on radiation protection and health physics such as “Sohrabi Universal Radiation Protection System Hypothesis”; Solid State Dosimetry; “Novel Sohrabi Undecadose Albedo Neutron Dosimeters”; novel radon dosimeters; novel methods in photoneutron dosimetry and spectrometry in particular in high energy medical accelerators; Hypothesis and discovery of 4π ion emission in plasma focus devices; Invention of panorama ion detection in novel mega-size electrochemical etching chambers; Research and development on “Ionology Art and Art Ionology Methods” for bridging science, technology, art and literature; Construction of improved corona discharge devices and production of electret dosimeters; Education Standards and Standards Education; etc.
Research Areas
Research, development beyond the universal knowledge in the following fields:
  • Research, development and services in various fields of health physics, radiation protection and radiation dosimetry,
  • Research and development on Sohrabi albedo neutron dosimeters,
  • Research and development on individual and environmental radon gas monitors,
  • Research and development on universal understanding of Sohrabi 4π ion distribution hypothesis and discovery in plasma focus devices,
  • Novel “ionology art for art ionology methods” in plasma focus devices,
  • New methods of determining "Diagnostic Reference Level" specially in CT scans devices
  • Invention of the Corona discharge device for production of electret dosimeters
Special Facilities
  • Radiation protection services in particular on "Sohrabi Universal Radiation Protection System Hypothesis" which is under worldwide consideration in the name of the Amirkabir University of Technology
  • Detection of Hydrogen, Deuterium, Helium, Nitrogen, Neon, Argon and other ions with the mega-size panorama ion image detectors invented by us; the largest passive ion detector in the world,
  • Advanced neutron and radon dosimetry research and development services based on the Novel "Sohrabi Undecadose Albedo Neutron Dosimeters",
  • Radon gas dosimetry by the invention of advanced radon gas monitors,
  • Electret production and use by corona discharge device and production of electret dosimeters,
  • Provision of advance research, development and services in the field of health physics as a technical arm for provision of services to some relevant organizations in the country and the region.
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